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We are proud to announce that Sylvan Table is now fully certified under

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste!

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste aims to identify and eliminate hidden sources of food waste and create long-lasting solutions to waste prevention. 

At Sylvan Table, we are committed to reducing food waste, practicing sustainability and joining the fight against climate change. Since November 2022, we have been taking part in The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste program. We are proud to announce that in our first four months on being part of this program we not only reduced our food waste by 22%, but also prevented over 18212Kg of carbon dioxide emissions by composting rather than sending our food waste into landfills.

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Click here to learn more about the PLEDGE™ on Food Waste.


We serve rustic, elevated, multicultural cuisine made from hyper-seasonal ingredients sourced from our backyard farm and local partners.

Our restaurant is made from a 300-year-old barn that we deconstructed, rebuilt and refurbished. Our warm, modern interior offers 2 dining levels and we have additional seating in our outdoor patio.

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We embrace our stewardship of land, sustainability, community, our employees, and guests.


We are conscious and aware of our impact.


We are humane and respectful.


We are simple but exceptional.


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