Tim and Nicole Ryan


Born and raised in Wisconsin and Massachusetts respectively, Tim and Nicole met in Chicago while working together. Nicole has a business degree and Tim’s degree is in construction management.  After moving to Michigan in 1993, they started their own commercial construction business in 1995. Tim and Nicole own and operate Ryan Construction Inc., a business that builds restaurants throughout the Midwest, including their very own, Sylvan Table.  They have two children now in college, love to travel and spend time with family.
It has been a dream of theirs to own and operate a restaurant that aligns with their values.  They carefully designed and decorated Sylvan Table to represent a welcoming and homey atmosphere with food and beverage that embodies sustainability, creativity and wholesomeness.  Nicole works closely with Chef Chris and the team to ensure this vision is brought to life in the food they curate.  In addition to helping run Ryan Construction, Nicole embarked on obtaining a degree in Culinary Arts from Schoolcraft College. She just completed her first year. Her education has been twofold in that above and beyond the education, she has met many young chefs of our future, some of whom work at Sylvan Table.

Steve Singleton

Managing Director

Since a young age, Steve has always had a passion for food and cooking. He considers his mother’s cooking to serve as the call to work in the hospitality industry.  Steve is a native of Florida and attended college there. He has opened over thirteen restaurants from the ground up, in eight states, over the past eighteen years.
Steve’s career includes the following companies. Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, Lettuce Entertain You, Eddie Merlot’s and CRG Restaurant Group.
His favorite part of being a hospitality professional is interacting with the guests. “The best feeling in the world is when you are able to provide an exceptional dining experience to a guest or family member that is memorable. To be able to establish a strong human connection with people that lasts a lifetime makes this career path the best.” 
Steve feels that the management team at Sylvan Table will be able to provide an environment that will foster a team of likeminded individuals, focused on delivering exceptional hospitality. He truly enjoys working with his associates, mentoring them and promoting their career goals. 

Chris Gadulka

Executive Chef

Chef Christopher Gadulka has always had a love of food and cooking, considering his parent’s and grandparent’s cooking as a heavy inspiration.
Chef Gadulka grew up in Dearborn Heights, Michigan and attended culinary school at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan. He was tutored there under Master Chef’s Jeff Gabriel, Dan Huglier, Kevin Garonski and Joe Decker, to name a few of the illustrious alumni there.

The opportunity to lead the team at Sylvan Table is a dream come true. “There is not another place like this in Michigan. The combination of an amazing kitchen buildout with the fresh produce and other farm goods at my disposal will allow me the opportunity to create amazing food.” He plans to feature lesser utilized products, including different cuts of meat and seafood that are not commonly showcased. 
Chris loves finding fresh, exciting new cooking ideas through inspirations from his home garden and nature. “I am always observing and taking notes of my surroundings as I never know what might inspire me next.” Interacting with the guests brings him immense satisfaction, knowing he has been able to provide them with a memorable meal. 
Prior to accepting the Executive Chef position at Sylvan Table, Chef Gadulka worked at The Tavern on Broadway Restaurant Group, the Toast Restaurant Group, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Tribute, Ernesto’s Italian Country Inn and Sean O’Callaghan’s Irish Pub.


Kristina Pruccoli

Farm Manager

Kristina attributes her love of food and farming to her Sammarinese and Italian homesteader lineage and to Gwen Meyer of Coriander Kitchen and Farm in Detroit. Formally educated from Eastern Michigan University in Visual Arts Education, Kristina turned her passions into the mindful movement arts which she further channeled into her role as a private and corporate holistic wellness educator.
Prior to accepting the position of Farm Manager at Sylvan Table, Kristina also was the owner and grower of Elemental Foods, a 10-acre farm north of Flint for 5 years. Her growing approach and values are based in biodynamic and organic practices.  She believes in empowering people to grow their own food and she lives by the credo that food is a bridge between people.